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Mokum Mail v11.0


Give Your E-Mail Wings With Mokum Mail


FREEWARE Mokum Mail LITE is available, which is a 'slimmed down' version of Mokum Mail.

FREEWARE Mokum Mail LITE is ideal for the user who likes to send no-nonsense "plain text" messages BUT we have maintained some extra HTML features - like sending a photo IN your message - and lots more as well!

The LITE version can be used indefinitely and is absolutely FREE. We are sure that once you get used to it, you will want to upgrade to the Full Registered version!
Get Mokum Mail LITE for free!


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Are you looking for a 'State Of The Art' E-Mail program?
Mokum Mail is an E-Mail Checker & Reader, an HTML E-Mailer and a WEB Browser, all in one!

With MM's Automatic HTML Generator you can create in no-time beautiful and stylish E-Mail 'Themes' with stationery, pictures, animation and music, which can be re-used over and over again. It takes only a few clicks to select a Theme, type your message (you can also send a spoken message!) and send your e-mail immediately to your friends or customers.

And would you like to have access to more than 1,300 E-Mail designs with stationery, music and/or animation absolutely FREE? Then why not test drive Mokum Mail LITE as long as you want with no cost to you at all??

Get FREEWARE Mokum Mail LITE .

Order Mokum Mail v11.0 for only US$ 44.50. Future upgrades, if any, are FREE! Welcome, First Time Customer


For US$ 19.90 - less than half of the regular fee - from LISA, FetchIt! or any previous MM version. Future upgrades, if any, are FREE! Welcome Back!


Are you using an older version of LISA, FetchIt! or Mokum Mail? All the New and Improved Features of v11.0 are worth the small update fee of US$ 19.90. Future updates, if any, are FREE! Learn more...

Do you...
  • use plain text for E-Mails OR HTML scripts and stationeries?
  • have broadband, cable, or a dial-up connection?
  • easily want to extract pictures, sound files, or scripts from a message?

Are you...
  • a stationery creator?
  • tired of downloading spam E-Mail?
  • nervous about downloading dangerous e-mail attachments?

Would you like to...
  • check message headers and read, reply, and or delete before downloading?
  • delete SPAM directly from your server WITHOUT having to download all that junk mail to your PC?
  • watch for an incoming message?
  • try the FREEWARE 'LITE' version first?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the above questions,
then you may want to learn more...

"This excellent (and fun) software will become indispensable to you once you have tried it. I don't know how I ever lived without it." (Read more)
Diana Bender.

Have a look...


More than 1,400 FREE ready-to-use E-Mail designs with stationery, animation and/or music
in MMF format, created by Mokum Mail Users for Mokum Mail Users.
Have a look!

...and if you paid for a nice collection of .IMF files, Mokum Mail can read these files too, so your investment will not be lost!

View demo...

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